Winner of Second Price ``Baluchistan High Court Design Competition`` organized by Baluchistan High Court 2013



Turbat is known as the centre of Makran region due to its geographical location with its social and political importance. In 1994-95, the name of Turbat District was changed to its old name, i.e Kech. Now the region is called Kech while Turbat as its town and the Headquarter. The facility of High court could be a landmark of this developing city for the near future and a likewise an initiative towards a commitment for providing Justice and peace in the region for the people’s convenience which is quite appreciable.


The climate of Turbat is dry, and arid hot as it is elevated around 100-1400 meters above the sea level. It is placed in “Hot summer and mild winter” temperature region. Summer is not only hot but also long. It continues from March through November (9 Months) while winter starts in December and continues till February (3 Months). June is the hottest and January is the coldest. In winter the north and north east wind (Gorich) is a chilling cold. The average rain fall is very low and uncertain with a longer draught period.


The design approach responds and reflects to the considerations of climatic conditions as well as it is based on the Sustainable and Passive Architecture. In addition to these considerations are of functional viability of the facility with the design proposition which also counters sensitively to the locale.

The building design intends reflects and environs of:

  • Strong segregation of circulation of different activity.
  • Sense of hierarchal order in spatial arrangement.
  • Reflection of the purpose for which the building is designed for.
  • Transformation of Building activity into Architectural Language
  • Climatic Responsive approach
  • Reuse of natural resources


The High Court Building will enhance the cityscape by a planned and well thought-out building form with least impact to the streetscape. The development is conscious of neighbourhood impact by providing landscape zones, acoustic screens, fencing and keeping high points away from adjoining sites. It retains the current pattern of the traffic access and service vehicles which are fully manoeuvrable within the site. Furthermore, the development proposed is of high design standards and reflect intentional in planning and architectural terms towards a positive contribution to Turbat (Baluchistan) and ultimately for the country.